Proposition Hate

Mr. news Man told me today
that  Cali-forn-I-A, state of hippies,
state of celebrities, state of richies,
state of un-natural states
has ended the right for love to prevail.

This argument over linguistics, over
syllables and utterances is at best
stupid and at worst dangerous.

Marriage is a sacred word that only
united men and women are allowed to
say—fine! Pick a new word for it.

Start a congressional committee
To interview the writers of the dictionaries
and the crosswords puzzles and find the word
that means “two humans that live and breathe
on this planet love and are committed to each other”.

End of story, end of the battle.
Because The Beatles spoke the truth
“All you need is love”  and because
everyone is fucked up, and everyone likes to fuck.

And it is none of our damn business with who.


2 thoughts on “Proposition Hate

  1. I’ve never read anything you’ve written, Kara…this is very interesting. I liked this a lot, it had a more original beat to it than most poetry I read. I wish I had the words to describe exactly what I think about it…but then, that’s why I’m a terrible writer and I enjoy reading other people’s fantastic things so much 😀 .

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